There are no Management Minutes for November as a meeting of the Management Committee was not held.

I am pleased to let you all know that there is a bit of a present attached to this letter for a change.

As you should all know by now, the Insurance Rates from Rugby have not changed for 2018. I think this must be for the 3rd year running.

S Midland Event Charges. I am sure I have said before that we can only vary charges that we, ACU S Midland, control and of course we don’t want to make any big reductions only to find out next year that we have to increase charges for some reason.

Firstly you should all be aware that the Centre will pay for all clubs to put their Open Permit event regs etc into the TSM; Trials, Motocross, Enduro or Grass Track. Normally a £20 charge, but now its free advertising. That came into effect on 1st October.

For Trials, from 1st January 2018, we are reducing the ACU S Midlands Riders Levy from £1.12 to £1. The permit fee will be reduced from £22.50 to £20. The charge to clubs for a Steward to attend Expert Championship events was taken by the Centre a year or so back, so that was £35.

Hopefully that makes things easier for Trials Clubs.

On a slightly different trial tack, I think due to the work of London Borough of Hillingdon, the threat of losing Dews Farm due to there being Badgers on site, has so far been avoided. They sent their Green Spaces Officers to the site and I am told ‘They have now been out to the site and report that whilst there is clear evidence of badgers being active in the area, the activities of the clubs are not affecting the badger setts’.

As of yesterday there have been no further developments.

            I have to send some further information regarding what was done by ACU S Midland around 1993 when there was a similar problem, which I hope will add more substance to the current findings. BUT be aware if your club is using Dews Farm, you have a responsibility to every other S Midland club to avoid any setts you come across, to make the Youth aware of the problem if you allow them play after an event and to alert the authorities if we suspect any Badger Baiting or other similar illegal actions are taking place at the venue.


            For the Motocross clubs it’s a little more difficult, as most of the costs are from Rugby. Again there is no increase in Insurance charges. However we do not charge Northampton Club for South Midland owned transponders hired at two Charity events which they run, Kensworth have a couple of two day meetings where we only charge for one day hire of transponders, Luton will also be allowed to nominate two events where we will not charge. Which just leaves Peterborough, and we are in negotiations with them to offer some assistance.



I may have enough to write a further Club Letter, but in case I don’t, On behalf of the Management Committee can I wish all Officials, Clubs and Members of the ACU South Midland, a very Happy and Joyful Christmas and a Successful New Year.



With very best regards


Terry Golds.

A-CU South Midland Secretary