Well, things seem to be so quiet that we have not had another meeting since March.

Craig Wilford.

            I imagine everyone has heard that Craig passed away back in April, a sad loss to trials and SM Centre. For anyone who is not aware his funeral is on Monday 21st May at Bedford Crematorium at 1;45 pm, and followed by the wake at the Wheat sheaf Pub, in Tempsford. Family flowers only please.

Dews Farm   

            I have received even more letters from HS2 and their partners, saying that they want to investigate kingfishers and Bats at Dews Farm now, and they are covering dates for three months from 1st June until 31st August. So they will be around for several of our events. Please just leave anything you may believe is from this investigation work.


General Data Protection Regulations.

            Clubs should all have received a document from Gary Thompson, undated but sent around the 18th March, dealing with GDPR and how it affects clubs.

I think it covers all that clubs need to understand. So I will just put down a few pointers that should get the basics started.

Firstly does your club have a website, if it has then you need to put your Privacy Policy on the website. A good example came out from me on the 4th April and can be updated with your clubs details and placed on your clubs website. The one currently on the ACU Permit page appears to be a new version.

If your club does not have a website, you do not require a Privacy Policy.

Data Protection Policy. Every club needs to show a Data Protection Policy, either on the clubs website or attached to the Membership application form/s or somewhere accessible, for members to see it. Although the ACU one is available to copy from, it doesn't seem to be in an easily copied format similar to the P P.

For trials and motocross, new entry and signing on forms are now available. These can be found on the ACU website. They have not been updated generally as far as I can see, so you need to go to the ACU Permit System, ACU PDF's, view Forms and documents.

That should give you a large number of ACU Forms, with their dates of origin. You will find most are dated January, but a few are dated April.

The Trials entry form for 'on the day' is about 15 from the bottom;-  C8 PM 2018 v2- Entry Form Off Road PREMIER includes Minors (pdf) ( for Premier Insurance)

The Motocross entry form is just above it C8 BM 2018 v2- Entry Form Off Road BASIC includes Minors (pdf) (for Basic Insurance)

I have asked if we can have the above forms in Word, but they have not materialised yet.

The signing on forms are

C3, C3 2018 v1 - Riders & Passengers Signing On Form - Adults Only (pdf)

C4  C4 2018 v1 - Riders & Passengers Signing On Form - Adult & Minor (pdf)

C6, C6 2018 v1 - Officials & Assistants Signing On Form (pdf)

All the new forms have had added “I have read and understood The Auto-Cycle Union Data Protection Policy and I consent…….etc.”

The above are papers that the club would normally hold, but having spoken with a couple of club Officials, we do not think that the ACU Data protection policy gives clubs the authorisation that we need to hold them.  If you refer to the ACU Data Protection Policy ( it can be found on the same page as the forms above) under ‘Policy Scope’ it refers to who is covered. It does not refer to clubs and their Officials, and the nearest I can get is ‘volunteers’. I have been assured that the scope as detailed covers us, but we don't understand why it simply doesn't say ‘Clubs and Officials, and I have asked for that to be clarified.

There are several things that are not currently clear. For example the pictures and articles on club websites, club magazines, ( I have 50 years of S Midland Gazettes in store) – can they be kept. The new rules on how long can/ should we keep papers  say 3 years 4 months, but in the handbook its seven years…..

I have suggested that Jillian at Rugby, who is looking after GDPR uses the question and answer section on the website. If you look at the ACU Permit System, in ACU pdf's, below the View Forms and Documents, you have probably picked up for the above forms, there is a question and answer section and that would be ideal as every club or Centre can look there and see what has been asked and what the answers are - eventually. Your guess is as good as mine if it will be used.

There is a Directors meeting tomorrow, Friday, so hopefully some answers will come from there.

I am hoping that the S Midlands website will be updated as soon as I get back from holiday. 

            I am away from 12th until the 20th but I will let you all know what I hear as soon as I get back. In the meantime I hope the above is of some help in running your next meeting.


Very best regards

Terry Golds. A-CU South Midland Secretary