British Motocross GP Matterley Basin

            As well as the Trials boys I mentioned last month, Josh Spinks, a member of Northampton MCC had a wonderful result at the British round of the FIM EMX250 Championships at Matterley Basin over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd June. After finishing in 3rd place in race 1, just a couple of minutes behind eventual overall winner, Stephen Clark, in race 2 he came 8th just half a minute behind the leader to give him an overall second place for the British Round. He currently sits in 16th Place in the European Championship. Well done Josh. Another local lad, Tom Grimshaw had to sit out this GP, due to be his first EMX 250 start, as he was only part way through an enforced eight week lay off after surgery on his shoulder.


Ben Fund

            Northampton Club again are in the picture as Fraser has been gathering the £5’s for the Motocross Numbers Scheme, (started by Nik Fisk many years ago,) and has donated £400 this year to the A-CU Ben Fund. It is a lot of hard work dragging cash out of MX riders – unless its for a new bike, so many thanks to Fraser, he must have felt like a dentist !!!


Event Support Contribution

            A couple of weeks ago I asked the A-CU at Rugby about the Event Support Contribution which has been promised for the last two years, ( you may remember it is £25 per permit issued/ used )  and was told that a new lady is working on it and it may be a few weeks yet. I cant imagine that any S Midland Club is desperate for a few bob, but just to let you know I am on the case.


Expression of interest

            Clubs should have received a note, via Chris Mawer and myself, regarding an expression of interest in running a National Trial. If you didn't receive it, in this convoluted way, and are thinking of running a National, please let me know and I will forward it, as it contains the initial form to let Rugby know you are interested..

South Midland Website

            Having a few minutes recently I had a look at the S Midland website, and I am not completely happy that all the contacts are correct and all the links are correct or working. If Club Secretaries have a few moments could you please review the SM website and let me know of any changes they may need to be made. An out of date website only frustrates those wanting to use it.


Dews Farm

            They are still looking for bugs and creeping things at Dews Farm and the next date, for which I have received two letters and two phone calls, is 13th July when they will be looking for Kingfishers.



All the best

Terry Golds

A-CU South Midland Secretary