ACU South Midland

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held at North Hall,Nash Mills Lane Kings Langley Herts.

On Tuesday 27th March 2018 Starting at 7; 30 p.m.

Subject to Official Ratification

Members Present.    C Mawer, Chairman, Mrs J Ayres, Ms M Bird, Mrs K Southwood, T Golds, J Harding, R Humphrey,  T Lightfoot,  M Maynard, C Moram, D Porter, I Reynolds, R Twigg, R Watson.

Apologies for absence   J Coles B Davis  The Vice chairman took the chair in the absence of the Chairman. C Moram proposed that the election of a chairman be put to the next meeting.

Minutes of Previous Meeting. On Tuesday 31st October 2017, having been circulated were taken as read, they were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chairman. (Proposed I Reynolds, seconded by K Southwood )

Matters Arising  None.

Stewards Co-ordinators Report 

24.9.17             Peterborough JMXC                  Chatteris                       Motocross                    R Watson

85 Competitors, Paperwork and Medical in order. No injuries. Track was not well prepared, Well managed meeting.

5.11.17             Luton DMCC                             Old Park Farm               Motocross                    A Leishman

93 Competitors, Paperwork and Medical in order. Whoops were taken out and track altered. No Workers race.

5.11.17             Cambridge Match                      Hinxton                         Trial Exp Round            R Watson

74 riders 14 Experts. Paperwork in order . Well managed and run event 20 excellent sections.      

26.11.17            Kenton & Kingbry                      Plashes Farm                Trial Expert round          R Watson

77 riders, 7 experts. Paperwork in order. Excellent well organised event. 12 good sections.

26.12.17            Northampton MCC                                                         Wild & Woolly MX         T Lightfoot

50 competitors, Paperwork in order, Est crowd of 5 – 6000. Club highly commended for this Charity event.

11.2.18             Wycombe MCC                         Crowell                         Trial Champ round        

47 riders, 14 sections, excellent event suitable for all championship classes.

Competition Secretary’s Report  I Reynolds said month by month detail since October is not now relevant, however the  January to December trials Permits issued in 2017 was 88, compared to 116 in 2016, and 115 in 2015. Therefore it looks as if the suggestion that there are too many trials in the S Midland being the reason that entries are down is not bourn out in these figures.

Secretary’s Report.

The Secretary reported that we currently have 873 A-CU Members in SM which is comparable to 827 this time last year  The Website had an average of 200 hits since October last year.  24 Clubs have affiliated for 2018  The Secretary said that the new A-CU website is easier to view on mobile phones and looks easier to use.   The Chair and Secretaries meeting at Rugby on 3rd March was cancelled due to the weather. The GDPR (Data Protection) item is now on the Agenda for this meeting. The Vnuk case may affect the UK as the Government may have to uphold EU Laws for a further 2 years.  SportMoto magazine has been stopped as the A-CU Website, weekly newsletter and numerous club websites have superseded its value.  HS2’s partners have sent another letter regarding access for surveys covering 1st March to 31st May, and a copy of the survey regarding badgers has been requested.,,A new photocopier has been purchased and will be written off in this financial Year.

Treasurers Report. Mrs Ayres reported that the Corporation Tax has been paid and as some levies had been reduced it will not be so much next time. Mrs Ayres proposed that for 2018 Luton Club are offered 2 events with no transponder charges, Northampton and Kensworth are already allowed 2 events with no charges for transponders. Peterborough do not use transponder, so it was proposed we offer to donate towards awards.  The Treasurer had been asked if we could donate 1/3 of the cost of advertising for the MX Championship rounds , at £80. This was agreed by the meeting.  The Motocross Championship awards have been sent and the Trophies paid for, as have the 2017 Classic Trials Trophies.  The Jim Laurie Replica has been purchased. E North would be approached to make a wooden base as there was no room for more names.  A transfer has been made into the Deposit Account, before it was adjudged dormant.

Web Site.   Mrs Ayres said the website has a couple of additions to the Management page, she is awaiting a few photographs, and the revision to trials rules. The A-CU S Midland Championships will be discussed and revised if necessary at the A-GM in November, for next years competition.

National Events  Trials & Enduro R Watson said the officials for the Sidecar round, on 20th May were now settled, following date changes and discussions at various committees. He hoped that the roll of the Trials Sub Committee would be clarified.  There would also be a Kia round in July.

Motocross. None Track  Racing.  None.

Centre Events.  Trials & Enduro, – Mrs Southwood said that we had run 2 rounds of the Adult Championship and one round of the youth. There was a good entry at the Youth round, including electric bikes.

Motocross. –  Ms Bird said round one had run and the next two rounds follow shortly, although the weather looks poor.

Grass Track –  D Porter said he will endeavour to contact Fenland to ensure the event preparation is going ok.

Meteor Group.  R Twigg said HUX have moved their 15th April event to Wigginton.

Inter-Centre Events;  Trials & Enduro  None this year. Motocross. None this year. 

Subcommittee Reports

Trials and Enduro;  Mrs Southwood said the T&E sub Committee met on the 16th January. They discussed the Inter Club Competition which would be held annually at one venue, run by one club, and Berko had already registered interest, She would email other clubs. The Secretary confirmed the Champions for 2017. For 2018 there will be six Adult rounds, five to count, Youth A,B,C will consist of 9 rounds, 7 to count, Electric bikes 7 rounds, five to count. In an effort to encourage entries it was agreed by the meeting that all classes would include the provisional clause that  a minimum of four rounds must be ridden to be eligible for an Award. This would be confirmed, if thought fit, at the AGM. There will be a reserve date in December if any rounds have to be cancelled.  Riders would be guided by…………..

One round would be hosted by Luton in their Centenary Year. Two Stewards reports were accepted. On-line entries were offered by all clubs and also membership renewals.

Obtaining observers was still a problem, and at Championship rounds sections without observers would be closed.  The committee would look at running the Classic Championship in 2019 alongside other championship events if it was not running independently this year.

The Committee wanted to drop the Centre rule to put Championship regulations in the Magazine as not all clubs use it. This will need to be amended by the AGM.

During discussions J Harding said that he would like more information on the position of Treasurer. Management Members were asked to note on their Clubs facebook pages and websites that a S Midland webmaster was still required.

Motocross,no meeting. Grass Track; no meeting.

AGM and Board. Following the AGM the revised Trials Inter Club Trophy Rule was confirmed. The election of a Senior Noise Meter Operator, could be taken from the Board Meeting Agenda was agreed as it was now more complex.

Motocross Forum.   R Humphrey said the S Midland was well represented. There was discussion about the on-line system, and the event went well. The Stewards reports were discussed at the forum and MX Committee. He said that they would probably only come back to Centre/Clubs if there were problems.

TWG update    Next meeting on the 21st April and Mrs Southwood would attend.

General Data Protection Regulations. The Secretary was co-ordinating questions from the clubs that had no clear answer in the guide. He would send out answers when received from Rugby. I Reynolds said it is doubtful that the GDPR Commissioner would be interested in what clubs had done although a sound attempt at complying would need to be seen. R Humphrey said the Regulations are written to cover the general situation, the biggest problem is the electronic information that clubs receive or gather. I Reynolds said that all clubs should have a protocol where someone in the club keeps all information and destroys it as appropriate.   R Humphrey said it would be good to have the General Secretary to attend as he is up to date on GDPR and the Office side of things.

Date & venue of next meeting. on Tuesday 24th April at North Hall, Nash Mills Lane, Apsley, at 7;30pm.

Any Other Business.  Mrs Bird asked if the Centre would sponsor a ‘MYLAPS’, dongle so that the riders could see live results and timing, the cost would be no more than £35 to the Centre. Approved by the meeting.   C Moram asked if R Twigg had given up editorship of the TSM, but he was taking it in turns with J Bramall of ACU Southern.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9;25 pm,