ACU South Midland

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held at North Hall,Nash Mills Lane Kings Langley Herts.

On Tuesday 29th May 2018 Starting at 7; 30 p.m.

Subject to Official Ratification

Members Present.   J Coles, Chairman,, Ms M Bird, Mrs K Southwood, B Davis T Golds, J Harding, R Humphrey,  T Lightfoot, C Mawer M Maynard, C Moram, D Porter, I Reynolds,  R Watson.

Election of Chair and Vice Chair. Mr Moram took the chair and asked for Nominations for the Chairman and Vice Chairman for the 2018/19 session. Mr Coles and Mr Mawer were nominated respectively and were re-elected.

Mr Moram was then asked to present the Jim Laurie Award to Mr J Coles which was well deserved. He noted that Jim Laurie was a very respected man and as well as the many positions he held in the S Midland, he was also a Rugby referee.

Apologies for absence  Mrs J Ayres, R Twigg,

Minutes of Previous Meeting. On Tuesday 27th March having been circulated were taken as read, they were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chairman. (Proposed C Mawer, seconded by J Harding )

Matters Arising  None.

Stewards Co-ordinators Report 

11.2.18             Wycombe MCC                         Crowell                         Trial Champ round         R Twigg

47 riders, 14 sections, excellent event suitable for all championship classes.

25.3.18             Northampton MCC                     Long Buckby                MX Champ                    J Coles

Paperwork and Medical in order. Riders warned about not respecting yellow flags. County ambulance would not attend. Well organised event.

8.4.18               Peterborough JMXC                  Chatteris                       Motocross                    R Watson

104 riders Paperwork and Medical in order. Track well prepared. Steady rain caused Racing to be abandoned.

6.5.18               Nora                                         Grittenham                    Quad MX                      T Lightfoot

136 riders. Paperwork few problems Medical in order. 3 injuries. Several items required attention before event.

Club worked hard to present a good event.

13.5.18             Northampton MCC                     Long Buckby                MX Bob Collier              J Coles

87 riders, Paperwork and Medical in order. Very good meeting. Site medics were not permitted to transfer patients to Hospital. Well run event. Track re-inspected.

13.5.18             Peterborough JMXC                  Chatteris                       Motocross                    R Watson

114 Riders. Paperwork amd Medical in order. Enjoyable meeting.

20.5.18             Nene Valley                               Cranford Firs                 Nat Sidecar/ solo          S Southwood

Entry of 42, Paperwork in order. Well organised event. Well signposted and good section marking. Congratulations to club.

Competition Secretary’s Report  I Reynolds said in April he issued 10 trials permits and Rugby issued 5 Motocross permits. A glitch in an upgrade to the Rugby system meant that some duplicate permits had been issued. In May he had issued 2 trials permits and Rugby had issued 5 Motocross permits.

Secretary’s Report.

The Secretary reported that we currently have 939 A-CU Members in SM which is comparable to 907 this time last year 

The Website had an average of 120 hits over the last two months.

R Blythe is working on a new mini website at Rugby to make it easier to use.

HS2 contractors wish to continue surveys at Dews Farm over three months 1st June to 31st August.

He asked if the £25 contribution to events had been sent to clubs for 2017. Members would check.

Treasurers Report. The Secretary read a report from Mrs Ayres noting a Finance Meeting on 12th June. An Invoice and the licence have not been sent for our use of Dews Farm. Oxford now pay by BACS.

Web Site.   Mrs Ayres said the website is being updated as required. 

National Events  Trials & Enduro R Watson said the National Sidecar event went very well, with 23 chairs and 19 solo’s. 

Motocross. None Track  Racing.  B Davis said that 2 practice’  for youth at the Fenland meeting, had only one rider in each, which delayed things. 

Centre Events.  Trials & Enduro, – Mrs Southwood said the next total round is on 1st July at Luton, there have been 2 rounds of the Youth championship, and she is waiting final results. Youth entries are good and the series is looking quite promising.

Motocross. –  Ms Bird said two rounds had run, but two earlier rounds had been cancelled due to weather. Next round is 10th June at Luton and 17th June at Northampton.

Grass Track –  Nothing further

Meteor Group.  No Report.

Inter-Centre Events;  Trials & Enduro  None this year. Motocross. None this year. 

Subcommittee Reports

Trials and Enduro;  Mrs Southwood said the T&E sub Committee met on the 15th May. The Centre Championship rules were amended to read ‘all riders must belong to a S Midland Club for 2018. This will be reviewed in September.

Rules. Following the clash  between Nene Valley Sidecar National and the Meteor Group round the committee have been left disheartened as to the viability of the of the sub-committee and its decisions and if they are not considered/enforced. KS commented that having looked at the rules for Management Committee the following rules should have been considered.

MC6. The S Midland Management has the authority to ratify changes in competition rules put forward by the respective sub-committee.( this solves the problem regarding S Midland Club/residing issue and the Trials changes that originally were thought needed to be held until AGM)

P5. The Management Committee is authorised to approve any request for additional Dates or alteration of a date originally granted when the fixture list was prepared.

We wish it to be noted that if a problem like this occurs in 2019 these rules will be enforced. Clubs holding National Trials dates will take presidence and no other trial will be held in the Centre on that date. This will enable other clubs to support the club holding the National.

C18. If Clubs issue day licences the rider is not eligible for Championship points

Centre Championships 2018. The Expert Championship is currently being contested by 12 riders, Inters 24 and Novice 14.

Youth championship has more riders due to some rounds being incorporated into Berkhamsted’s Saturday Series and looks promising for boosting youth numbers.

Next total round is Luton’s on 1st July. Steve Southwood is the Steward. 2017 trophies will be presented at this event. Mick Clarkson will continue with the Pre 65 Championship.

One report from Wycombes Expert round. Excellent well run event and sections suited for all classes.

On Line Entries. Most clubs in the S Midland are using on-line entries.

Meeting closed 22;15 Next meeting September 2018

TWG Update.

Mrs Southwood attended the TWG Meeting on 21st April at Rugby.

Keedwell British Championship; Discussed at length- removal of headlights are only causing an issue for one make – Beta,.

Clerk of the Course. Sections differing in severity at different venues, so some trials are much more difficult. Its an ongoing problem and not easy to solve.

Masters Class not that well supported. Will review at end of championship and hope the entry will improve next year.

D Class Ladies Championship. Slight problem as the first two rounds a separate route was not provided for this class. It was agreed there was no issue with results and they should stand as different riders had contested both rounds. Stewards need to be aware!

2018 weather problems. Made aware that the cancellation of trials and not re-scheduling them (due to date not being available) will have an impact on insurance premiums and this may rise as a result.

Stewards; There is a low number of Stewards for National Events. Plea to clubs and Officials to raise the issue and hopefully some candidates will come forward. To be a steward you need a National Clerk of the Course licence for which seminars will be provided by Rugby in November and January.

Compiling future trials Calendars; Always a huge problem as so many factors to be considered. First the World dates have to be agreed, then the European, then the British Championship dates. Reserve dates are considered for the British Nationals only. As these dates are are not issued till November/ December it really causes issues for clubs that are asking for National Dates when attending their Centre’s dates meetings. Suggestion that dates meetings could be put back to December, probably wouldn't be well received by Centres, however all agreed that any National dates should be given precedence.

Timescales for National Applications; Clubs have to express their interest in holding a championship round by July.

All rounds to count. Discussed as one ACU Championship was awarded on results of one round! No final decision made.

Ages of youth Classes: B class was discussed and a recommendation to lower the age limit by one year for this class, due to the size of the riders and having to ride an 80cc until their 13th Year. It could benefit the A Class as they could then ride the A Class for an extra year which would help with a qualification year for Youth Elite National class, which would hopefully result in a top quality field.

Youth Petrol / electric machines – combined or separate. Debate at Trials and enduro committee resulted in an equal split decision, and similar to the TWG.                                                                                                                           

IOM: Problems at the sidecar round – letters of complaint received. Message from J Collins – sort it out within the Centre or he would.!

Normandale. Discussed changes re the O/40 class and the necessity of a 50/50 route.

S3 Start order – working well.

Championship points and ACU licence requirements.- To achieve Championship points riders need to have a valid A-CU Licence. All National Trials including sidecars will be on-line entry only and no postal entries. This makes things easier for the Secretary of the meeting when Identifying riders licences. No Day licences will be issued for National Championships.

Stop List; will be emailed to club secretaries weekly.

ACU Ltd Accounts / National Council Agenda. T Golds asked what the difference between the Other Creditors between 2017 and 2016. R Humphrey suggested that the change of Accounts personnel and the learning curve, would have meant items would have built up. He had the utmost confidence in the new Finance Controller.

The Committee discussed the pro’s and Con’s of the Wessex Centre’s Proposal that the Over 70 rule be amended to Over 80.  The Committee left the decision to the Delegate.

Election to Track Racing Committee, As there was no CV the committee would have to abstain. However The Secretary would ask for his CV and when received would ask for comments.

Medical Services at Motocross.  Mrs Bird had not come across the problem that the Medics could not transport patients to Hospital. J Coles said that the handbook does not say that the Ambulance has to take patience to hospital. Mrs Bird would ask the regular medics, Pulseline.

Motocross Grading     J Coles said that he had been approached several times regarding Expert Grading. The points system seems unclear and varies by club and Centre. Mrs Bird said few people ask her to complete their Licence.

On-line entry and Payments.   A Club member had written to Rugby saying that riders are put off entering events early on line because the A-CU take the money straight away. The Secretary said that the reply from Rugby was that cash is not taken by the A-CU but is ‘shadowed’ by their bank. Early entry is also dependent upon the Closing date that the club offer and the riders waiting for the weather forecast.

Date & venue of next meeting. on Tuesday 26th June at North Hall, Nash Mills Lane, Apsley, at 7;30pm.

Any Other Business.  C Moram said that the Jim Laurie Trophy was initially presented by Edgeware and District club for the Traders Trophy Trial from the 1930s until 1956, and it was awarded as a Centre trophy from 1988.

T Lightfoot was asked to note that when he meets in Rugby he makes the point that clubs need to be made aware of the installation of  IT upgrades, as they can affect rider booking in and interference with club entries.

Mrs Southwood asked if there was a class for electric bike in motocross. Currently there are none locally, but manufacturers are taking an interest.

C Mawer said that one of his members is a lawyer and has re-written the A-CU Privacy Policy, and asked if we could issue it as a guide for clubs.

The issue of bike theft is still prevalent and owners should be very vigilant.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9;45 pm,